My Optical illusion images are used a lot in books, advertisements and events.
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Main contents
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Illusion for kindergarten
Illusion for Elementary school
Published by Gakken plus in August 2017.
This is a book of quizzes using illusion for children.
I made most of the image content.
cover of illusion books

Train your brain with optical illusion.
Published by Fusosya in December 2016.
This is a book of quiz using illusion for adults.
I made most of the image content.
cover of optical illusion

The world of optical illusion
Published by Yousensya in April 2014.
It is a commentary on general optical illusion.
I made most of the image content.
cover of visual iluusion book

Series of old stories enjoying with illusion.
●Sanmai no ofuda
●Urashima Taro
Published by Jyunposya in October 2014.
I made a picture book of Japanese old story using optical illusion.
cover of old stories

  I sell the optical illusion books of Kindle version on Amazon.

These books are an example. In addition to this, I draw images with several books and magazines.

Event & Advertisement
20th Anniversary Owners Meeting
It is an event of a motorcycle maker called YAMAHA.
My optical illusion work was adopted for quiz format games.
yamaha yzf-r1
yamaha event


Sagawa Art Museum
Trick art exhibition
My work was exhibited at the museum.
At the same time, we held lectures and workshops on optical illusions.

opticak illusin art exhibition
optical illusion work shop

My illusion image is utilized in various attraction events.
These photos are attracting customers at the shopping mall.
I lend a work according to themes such as seasonal events.
optical illusion events
visual illusion art events
TV program
Illusion images are popular also on TV programs.
There is an offer from my TV variety show and quiz show to my illusionary image.

Depending on the type of optical illusion, video may be better expressed than printed matter.
I was shy a little, but there was also an interview broadcast on me.
In this way I am offering my illusion work to most major TV stations in Japan.

optical illusion TV show
TV show of visual illusion
intaview video
Other works

My job is focused on media. But sometimes there are also interesting events.
For example, please look at this picture.
This is a prize that restaurant chains distributed to children's customers.
It is a toy combining hidden pictures and puzzles.
The work that works as a product is a lot of fun.

Optical illusion puzzle