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A stereogram is an illusion technique that uses left and right parallax. 
It is also applied to the 3D virtual reality which began to be popular recently.

How to enjoy stereogram

Please be sure to look beyond the target image as shown. It is a good way to see it vaguely. 
This is called "parallel method".
In the case of a stereogram with two images arranged, it is just good focus if it looks like three.
Exact focal lengths vary from individual to individual. Please try various your focus.

How to enjoy stereogram.
Monkey and chicken and chick.
There is a naughty monkey that steals a banana from the chicken living room.
Please focus on the position where the images looks like three.
The illustration turns into a three-dimensional depth.

Mini bike
A stereogram image of a motorcycle.
Please adjust so that two motorcycles appear to three.
You will see a three-dimensional motorcycle in the center.

Colorful blocks
A stereogram image drawn by illustration.
It is colorful blockers. I tried to draw a stereogram with illustration rather than photograph .

Shrines in Japan
A stereogram made from a picture of a shrine.
It is a picture of a Japanese shrine. Do you see buildings, lanterns and stone statues three-dimensional?

Visitor from space
Visitor from outer space.
I drew a stereogram with illustrations.
The stars of the universe are giving depth.

A garden river
I made a stream of a forest a stereogram image.
A river flows in the garden. Please feel the depth in the trees.

View of Manhattan
Manhattan in 3D image.
I noticed that Google Earth is 3D compatible.
I made a stereogram using that image.
How about that? Does Manhattan look three-dimensional?

Hidden words
Hidden character illusion of random dot.
This image is called random dot stereogram.
It looks like a meaningless image, but this is also a kind of optical illusion.
Try devising the focal length like other stereograms.
Eventually secret words will appear to float up.

Hidden words
Hidden word illusion of stereogram.
This is also a stereogram of hidden words.
When looking at just good focus, letters appear to emerge.