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Other illusion

This page introduces various optical illusion techniques. There are many kinds.

Impossible shape
Mysterious equestrian
The horse is jumping over the obstacle. But something is strange.
This illustration hinted at the classic work of optical illusion "devil's fork".
It can be drawn by illustration, but it is an object that can not exist in reality.

Which is larger?
The illusion that the size of the bag is different.
There are two bags. The red bag looks bigger but is it true?
That is an illusion. Please look at the answer. →
Correct image of illusion

Footprints of cats
Footprints of cats
There are footprints of cats in the sand. Of course it looks dented.
But there is a way to reverse the concavities and convexities.
Let's try turning the photo upside down. →
Correct answer for illusion

Value of money
Illusion of size
The value of money is relatively determined. I live in Japan, so the money I use is Japanese yen.
There are dollars, euros and Japanese yen, but the size of the Japanese yen looks different.
Let's check only the size of Japanese yen.→
Identity of size illusion

Kite flying
Illusion of kites
A kite is flying at the back of the building. Which thread leads to the kite?
Look at the answer. → 
Answer to optical illusion

You should have experienced this optical illusion as well. That is called Simulacra phenomenon. 
It is a phenomenon that what is not a face appears to be a face.  I am collecting photographs of that phenomenon from day to day.

Cardboard friends
Illusion of cardboard with a face

Country Barn
Illusion that there is a face in the barn

Smile bag
Illusion that a bag has a face

Open me
The can lid looks like a face

Push my nose!
Signal buttons look like a face

Crab with a demon 's face.
There is a devil 's face in the handle of a crab.
This is "Kimen Crab" It is a crab in the waters near Japan.
"Kimen" is the meaning of the devil's face.
However, crab has no original sin.
This is just a simulation phenomenon.