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This is definitely a still image. But it seems to move.
It is a mysterious image that makes it look like moving even if you understand it as a still images. 
The effect becomes stronger by displaying the image large.

The illusion of horses that appear to move.
Many horses are running around. But is that scenery true?

Illusion where butterflies flutter.
A lot of butterflies are flying. But is that scenery true?

Let's drive the tunnel.
The illusion that a car goes through a tunnel.
It is a car that runs through a tunnel. But is that scenery true?

Lots of jellyfish drifting
A picture of the sea under the jellyfish.
Lots of jellyfish are drifting through the water. Enlarged display will be more effective.

Candle's fire
Illusion where candle's fire shakes.
Candle lights are swaying. But that is an illusion.

Cute goldfish
Illusion that goldfish swim.
Goldfish are swimming in the pond. But is that true?

Chameleon's movement is slow.
The chameleon moves slowly and you can see it.
Chameleon is slowly walking. But really it is stopped.

Turtles walking
Turtles moving around
Do you like turtles? The movement is slow, but the turtles is cute animal.
(Please see as much as possible)

People's March
Illusion of people's marches.
A lot of people walk on a regular basis. But is that scenery true?

Coffee break
Illusion that the steam of coffee appears moving.
Freshly brewed coffee is warm.