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You will not know by just looking at it. 
These are pictures that hide something with various optical illusion techniques.

Eaten by bugs
A picture of a popular animal being hidden.
This is a leaf that had fallen in the forest. 
Please look carefully. One animal is hiding.

Striped pattern
It is a hidden picture using stripes.
There is something in a striped cage.
Please shake your head to the side and look.

Hidden words
It is an image hiding a word.
Words are hiding in colorful tiles. It should be visible depending on your subjectivity.
Answer is here →
A hidden word.

Hidden animal
Illusion that animals are hiding.
You do not understand it when seeing it near.
 Please look again from a position a little further away.

Dual meaning
An image with two meanings.
Here you can see the word "SLATE". Click on this to enlarge the image.
The word "SLATE" disappears and you can see other words.
But this is exactly the same image. The impression changes when the display size changes.

Statue of Liberty
The hidden lady of liberty.
This is a technique called Anamorphoses.
What was not understood in the planar image is established by using a cylindrical mirror.

A hidden ghost.
Please look while rocking the neck to the left and right.
You can see something you should not see.