Do you know what it is like with optical illusion? I will explain it easily on this page.
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Do you know the word "optical illusion"?
It is a phenomenon that occurs in our eyes and brain.
You can see a color different from the original color, you can not see what is there, the correct shape can not be determined.
These phenomena may be affected by illusion.

Illusion that swallow and cat look different in color.

Please look at the picture below. Swallow and cat are drawn.
Can you believe that these are the same color?
The cause of this difference lies in the pattern of the picture background.
We will not be able to recognize correctly due to the color of the background.
Here is the illusion that colors can not be recognized correctly.→Colors

Optical illusion that the size of the scooters looks different.

Then please look at the picture here.
The scooters in front will look smaller and the back scooter will look bigger.
This phenomenon is because we judge the size compared with the surroundings.
In fact the scooters are all the same size.
The illusion that you can not recognize the size properly is here.→Different
There is a person who believes only what he saw with his own eyes.
But human eyes are very uncertain.
In this way our eyes and brain are easily deceived.
 As described, these illusions are physiological phenomena.
However, I am tailoring the optical illusion to entertainment using technique as an illustrator.
Everyone please enjoy with the contents of this site.
July. 2018  Norihiro Iwase