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What you see is not a fact.
These are the optical illusion images that you will definitely be deceived.

Distorted stepboard
An unstable stepboard.
Is he on the stepping stone dangerous? 
No, it's okay. In fact it is stable. →
Stable step board.

River flow
The flow of the river is leaning.
Fish are swimming in the river.  The flow looks diagonal.
 But is it true? →
The flow of the river is straight.

The illusion that the length of snakes are not known.
Fish are swimming in the river.  The flow looks diagonal. 
But is it true? →
A diagram of the length of the right snakes.

Face outline
Round face
Here are two faces.
Is it true that the contour looks different?
Let's eliminate the influence of the background. →
The roundness of the face is the same.

Wicked carpenter
Illusion that nails look oblique.
A carpenter not good at hitting a nail.
It's all oblique. But please be relieved. Nails are truly straight.
Answer here→
Correct nails.

Paper airplanes
Paper airplanes are flying.
Paper airplanes are flying.
All seem to meander.
But do you think that is true?
Answer here→
The trajectory of the paper airplane.

Crooked pencils
Illusion that pencils look curved.
I bended my pencil with super powers!
No, do not worry. The pencil is straight. Please check with a ruler etc.

Distorted ground
Illusion that the floor appears rough.
The ground is distorted and the car is stuck. 
No, please do not be deceived by the pattern. This ground is flat.

Tilted building
Illusion that the inclination looks different.
There are two pictures of a tilted building. The building on the right looks more tilted.
But that is an optical illusion. These two pictures are exactly the same.

Water pot
Optical Illusion that the flow of water looks tilted.
Please pay attention to the water to be poured. 
As far as you see it is running down obliquely.
But this is also an optical illusion. All of the water is flowing vertically.