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On this page you will see an optical illusion about color.

The color is different.
An illusion image that looks different in color.
The shoes are in the basket. The colors on the left and right look different. But is it true?
Let's take out from the basket. →
An image proved to be the same color.

Magical Sunflower
magical sunflowers.
Do you like beautiful sunflowers? These are magical sunflowers.
The strange light flashes when you are staring.

Which color is dark?
Illusion of different colors of guitars.
I have two guitars. Which color do you look dark?
Let's clear the background and see. →
Correct answer of guitar color.

Disappearing flowers
Vanishing flowers disappear.
Please pay attention to the snail in the center.
Please focus more than 20 seconds. Eventually the surrounding flowers will disappear.
If the flowers do not disappear you are not enough to concentrate.

Color of tiles
Illusion of floor tiles.
Please pay attention to the colors of the tiles the cats are sitting in.
Can you believe that these are the same color?
But it is true. →
Correct answer of tile illusion.

Owl twins
Owl color illusion
Owl twins are in the cage. However, although they are twins, they look different in color.
What would you look like if you get it out of the cage? →
Correct illusion