This site displays the contents of the fantasy of various techniques. The illusion confuses your vision and sense. Please enjoy the world of strange and fantastic illusion.
The administrator of this site is an illustrator who is making an illusion.  It is only this official site that exhibiting my work.



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Illusion of hidden characters
Here are colorful blocks.
Can you read hidden word? 
Click to answer → 
hidden word answer
A page of images whose something is hidden.

Next, please look at this image.
Illusion that the butterfly moves
Butterflies are dancing. It looks like video or animation.
That is an optical illusion. Illustrations of butterflies are still images.
A still image page that appears to move.

Two sheeps are here.
An illusion image in which sheep's color looks different.
The color of the sheep's hair looks different.
But in reality it is exactly the same color.
The color of sheep can not be recognized correctly due to the influence of background color.
A page of images that looks different from the truth.

Circus Clown
Illusion that the ball appears to rotate even though it is a still image.
Clowns are very popular in circus. He is good at riding a ball.
It seems that he is rolling the ball well.
But please look carefully. It is an illusion that it looks like rolling.


A still image page that appears to move.

Scooters with different sizes.
A scooter named Vespa.
There are three scooters. It looks different in size, but it's all the same.
There is an error in the recognition of the size due to the influence of the background.
The illusion of recognition is here.
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